Keeping Let's Sim Safe

privacy policy

At Let’s Sim, we value your
privacy, and for information regarding this read below.

What do you do with
the information I give you when I register?

We register users to protect our community and allow our
members to purchase, write reviews, and gain access to purchased products. Once
you register, we use cookies to keep track of your online interaction with our
site so we can welcome you back and personalize the services for you.

If you opt in to any of our newsletters, we also use this
information to send you the newsletter.

We will use your information to personalize your experience
with our services and within our communications and may recommend Let’s Sim
content, activities, features, and products that may be of interest.

Do you give anyone my
personal information?

We are not in the business of renting or selling your
personal data. We do not share or disclose your personal data without your
prior written consent, except as follows:
to screen postings to ensure they aren't spam;

to provide to our third-party vendors who assist
us with operating, maintaining, and improving our services by providing us with
services, such as donation processing, email delivery, information technology
services, marketing Let’s Sim content, features, and products, and other
similar services, and who receive your data for the limited purposes of
providing us with such services;

to enable social login;

to fulfill a request you have made (such as
entering a promotion);
and to comply with the law, legal process,
respond to an emergency, or protect our rights.

What happens when I
sign up for your newsletter?

When you opt in for a newsletter, we will add your email
address to the newsletter distribution list.

You can unsubscribe from our email newsletters by clicking
the "unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of all newsletters.

What is social login?

Social login is a form of single sign-on that uses existing
login information from a social-networking service such as Facebook, Twitter,
or Google+ to sign in to a third-party website in lieu of the user creating a
new login specifically for that website. It is designed to simplify the login

Why does Let’s Sim
offer social login?

Although you always have the option to create a unique
account for Let’s Sim, social login makes it easier to log in and register.
When you choose to use social login, you will link your account on our website
with a third-party social-networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, or

These social-networking sites verify your identity, allow
you to log in using a single social-login button, and share personal
information you allow us to collect.

Your email address from your social-networking account will
be used to verify whether you have an existing account on Let’s Sim. If there
is no matching email address, a new Let’s Sim account will be created using the
email address collected from your social-networking account. If the email
address from your social-networking account matches an existing email address
on Let’s Sim, your existing Let’s Sim account will be connected to that
social-networking account.

Once you have linked your social-networking account to your
Let’s Sim account, you will automatically be logged in on our site if you are
logged in on the linked social-networking site. However, if you log out of
Let’s Sim, you will remain logged out until you log in again on a subsequent

You don't have to use social login. We offer registration that
uses your email address instead and is not linked with an existing
social-networking account.

What information do
the social-networking sites collect or use?

Third-party social-networking sites gather information when
you visit Let’s Sim so they can personalize your experience on their sites, and
they might target ads based on the information they collect about your use on
our site. Social-networking sites also may notify your connections about your
use of our site. Thus, even though we won't post information about you on your
social network, it is possible that Facebook, Google+, or Twitter will.

Do you post
information about me on my social network?

No. We will not share any information about you or your
activities collected by Let’s Sim with a linked social-networking service
without your approval. This means we will not post anything to your Facebook
wall, Google+ account, or Twitter feed unless you give us permission to do so,
and we will not contact your friends or followers at any time.

What information does
Let’s Sim collect when I use social login?

When you choose social login, you will be presented with an
authorization screen asking your permission for us to collect certain
information from your existing social-networking account. If you confirm, we
will collect your email address, first name, last name and photo.

We do not store or utilize the names of your friends or
followers even if they are given to us by a social-login service in the initial
registration process.

You can control what data you would like to make public and
share through the privacy controls and settings on some third-party
social-networking sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies and
terms of use on these third-party social-networking sites and to explore how to
customize your privacy settings. 

How does Let’s Sim
use the data it collects when I use social login?

We will use the information we are allowed to collect from
your social-networking sites to prepopulate some data fields on your account
and profile pages. For example, we will prepopulate your first and last names
on your profile page. In addition:

Your email address will be used to send you newsletters and
other communications if you opt in for them. We will never publicly display
your email address on our site.

Your name and photo will be displayed on your public profile
page and next to any reviews or comments you post on our site.

Can I delete my Let’s
Sim account?

Yes, you can delete your Let’s Sim account at any time.

To delete your account, log in to the site, open a support
ticket querying the deletion of your account.

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