Service Closure

Dear all Let’s Sim customers and the X-Plane community,

Today marks a much upsetting time for our store and the community, as we are forced to close our doors.
Let’s Sim was established in November of 2017, and whilst some may have seen this as a colourful rebranding of the prior Future Game Shop, it was in its entirety a fresh approach to the simulation marketplace. Let’s Sim disrupted the market by introducing a professional approach and new technology which enhanced shopping like never before.

After a year of heavy investment and hard work to make the best service possible, Let’s Sim was greeted with arrogance from many group owners who were biased and showing no interest in helping to better an already monopolised community. A single post explaining our stores approach and services, led to the banning of the whole Let’s Sim team on many X-Plane groups, this was a clear attempt to reduce our entry and to try and maintain the already favoured and promoted store (XAviation). Which is ironic when the rules state no store promotion, yet there is an obvious exception.

Regardless of this, the team stuck through and continued to push and create the store that would deliver these brand-new features and better the user experience. Sadly, our commitment was not greeted with interest and support, and the monthly return was negligible. It got to the stage where the monthly service upkeep was more than the return, and therefore we have no option but to discontinue our venture.

Let’s Sim introduced a clean user experience, with simple and protected installers, Live product demos (360’s) and support for many global users. These were features that we saw needed in the community, and our professional approach aimed to give a modern shopping experience in line with the modern simulator. Other stores seem complacent with their market share, and thus the general service for loyal customers is often poor and plain.
The future is looking great for the X-Plane simulator, and with many new developers joining the platform, great products are soon to come. The most upsetting fact is that whilst progress in product quality and X-Plane is skyrocketing, there is no single store who is pushing for innovation and technologies to match, and poor consumer service is ever present.

The same group of people who unprofessionally attacked the Let’s Sim launch, have now in fact created their own ‘Threshold’ store. How these people can attack us when we launch a new user experience (Custom developed platform), and then go and launch a barebones Shopify store with 1 product and next to no features, is beyond us. Disregarding this barebones ‘store’ you have 2 options, the .org (with a recent data breach) or the X-Aviation store with an owner who is extremely unprofessional with his approach.

Aside from this negativity, we can see a huge community ever growing and the X-Plane world is becoming fantastic. We are sorry to have to close our services and no longer provide the community this alternative outlet. From this point onwards, the team will be dismantling the service and its technologies. If you have any queries or concerns about the Let’s Sim closure, please contact And for any product queries and future issues with particular downloads, please contact each respective developer (Found at the bottom of this post).

The journey has been a rollercoaster ride, from the creation of Future Game Shop to the further development into the Let’s Sim marketplace. I’d like to personally thank a few individuals for their ongoing support during tough and prosperous times. Firstly, I’d like to thank Sergio, a close friend. A dedicated community leader, this friendship will continue, and I wish him the best in his endeavour.

Secondly, I’d like to thank FlightDeckX for their support at the very start of Let’s Sim and understanding our core ethos and vision.

Next I would like to give a huge thank you to both Henry and Ashley, you are both fantastic individuals who are keen technology innovators and your passion for simulations shines. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the X-Plane community, both developers and users.  

Blue skies.

Kind Regards,

Dave. W.

Our Developers